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Find your employees through the only industry specific hospitality and service industry network! We have more search criterias than any of the competitors and give you FULL employee database job search access for anytime you need to find a new part of your team. Having trouble finding your next team member?

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Let us setup your website Á QR Code menus today! Full service comes with physical laminated QR signs.

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Never make a "post" that gets knocked down by other posts within a day again. You are always in the system with full database access. You can enable or disable seeking employees whenever you need a new team member. You can see anyone looking for a job and they can see you. You will automatically get applications with more information than any competing systems.

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Still not finding who you are looking for? Simply send us a message and our search algorithms will automatically pull in more users to the systems in your area.

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Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and more - Having the right team is essential to your success. Your team members are your most important asset. ServIndy lets you quickly and easily search for new team members that have the skills, personality, and availability you are looking for.

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Industry Specific. We are here for the hospitality and service industry. We are available for contact to assist you 24/7.

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